These also go by the names Texture analysers or Universal Testing Machines.  The fundamental of the system is to ascertain the amount of force needed to attain certain deformation.  The system can do both compression and tensile testing.  The samples can be varied from Plastics, Food, Paper, Medical Devices, Tablets, Metals, Cardboard, Fibres, etc..

Mark-10 has both motorised and manual test stands.  There are many stands to choose from depending on the orientation (vertical or horizontal), length of travel, data points per second, for Force Gauges and for Torque Gauges etc..

The manual test stands are ES-05 / ES-10 & ES-20.  The manual test stands can also be equipped with Analog or Digital Travel Indicators and appropriate clamps / jaws.


GRIPS & ATTACHMENTS:  For the Test stands, Mark-10 has many off-the-shelf Grips and Attachments.  It include Grips for Tensile, Pull, Packaging / Peel / Friction, Vise / Parallel Jaw, Wire / Rope / Yarn / Tubing, Compression / Push / Bend.

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