The Gluten Analyser is a system consisting of Gluten Washer and a Centrifuge. The Gluten Washer is the one which washes the washable protein and the starches. The rest would be the Gluten quantity.

The Centrifuge would give the Gluten quality.

BASTAK GLUETN ANALYSER: This is a system which analyses both quality and the quantity of the gluten in Wheat as well as flour. It consists of a Gluten Washer and a centrifuge.

The system is according to ICC and AACC methods.

The sample Wheat would be ground into flour and it would be washed in the washer. The washer pumps in saline liquid and it washes out the starches and washable protein. What remains in the receptacle is the gluten. When weighed it represents the quantity of gluten.This gluten is then transferred to the sieve cassette and placed inside the centrifuge. After a minute of rotation it is taken out and the gluten which passes out of the cassette is weighed. This divided by the total weight and multiplied by 100 would give the quality of the gluten. Both quality and the quantity are very important. This is because a good quantity need not necessarily represent a good quality.

The Gluten Analyser also has a third part which is the heater. When the total gluten is placed into it and dried, it gives the dry gluten value.

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