SRC: This system from Chopin Technologies, France is a system which automates the various functions involved in finding out the Solvent Retention Capacity.

The flour's overall water absorbtion (water-holding) capacity is determined and influenced by its three network-forming polymers and they are Glutenin, Damaged Starch or Pentosans. These are the 3 functional polymers which influence the dough behaviour during processing and baking and ultimately the final product quality.

The Glutenins which are viscoelastic influence the dough elasticity and extensibility, the Damaged Starch influences the dough stickiness and the the Pentosans significantly increases the dough viscosity.

The existing rheological tools measure the combined, synergetic effects of the three flour polymers together. The fundamental idea of the SRC is that it complements the existing rheological tools such as Alveography by analysing separately the three polymers and which of these three contribute to the flour's overall water absorption capacity. For example in Cookie making the flour's water absorption should be as low as possible and to be more specific, with minimized contributions from Pentosans and Damaged Starch. This example clearly illustrates the need for a device such as SRC.

The SRC method has an international accredition n AACC under their Approved Method no: 56-11

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