GAS-VOLUME ANALYSER MODEL GVA-700: Model GVA-700 is a Gas Volume And Air Content Analyser from Kyoto Electronic Manufacturing Company, Japan. This system measures Gas volume/internal gas pressure of carbonated drinks, Air content and Oxygen concentration and Inside gas pressure of non-carbonated drinks.

GVA-700 can take sample containers of PET bottles of 2.0L or smaller. This is a totally automatic system and it calculates the gas volume / internal gas pressure by using the balance pressure inside the sample container and sample temperature. The user can select the calculation formula for the soft drink standard according to chart 13-2 Table of absorption coefficients of carbon dioxide in revised Soft drinks overseen by Japan Soft Drink Association or according to ASBC Methods of Analysis - Beer - 13: Dissolved Carbon Dioxide. The Air content is calculated by using the residual gas volume and oxygen concentration after absorbing carbon dioxide in the alkaline aqueous solution.

The display is LCD backlit. There can be 20 sets of methods which can be stored and the last 100 data would be saved in the system. The data can be saved in a USB memory and can be retrieved in a CSV format.

For More details visit : http://www.kyoto-kem.com/en/catalog/dedicated/

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