WILE GRAIN MOISTURE METER: These Moisture meters are used to determine the moisture and the temperature of grains, fodder or straw through conductivity principle. The model Wile 26 is a simple, direct reading system with a digital screen. It can be calibrated with a known sample.

The models Wile 55 & 65 are for grains and they also come with a carrying case to make it more portable. These models are being used to determine the time of harvest, delivery or to decide when to dry or ventilate.

Moisture meters are generally calibrated with a known sample. The results of those known samples have to be analysed with approved method like Oven Moisture so that there is some kind of traceability for the whole analysis.

For further details please visit : http://www.chopin.fr/en/produits/19-portable-moisture-meter-for-fodder-wile-55-wile-65.html

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