Falling Number is a device to test the Alpha Amylase activity in the flour or the grain. In this system certain amount of flour is taken and placed inside the viscometer tube. It is then mixed with distilled water and placed inside the system’s water-bath. The water-bath heats the sample upto 100 Deg C. This gelatinises the sample. After 5 seconds, the stirrer placed inside the viscometer goes up-and-down to create a stirring motion. After 55 seconds of stirring, the stirrer is dropped from the top position. The 5 seconds of gelatinisation process, the 55 seconds of stirring and the time the stirrer takes to reach from the top position to the bottom, in seconds is represented as Falling Number.

The ideal falling number for bread baking is at 250 to 350.

Bastak, Turkey Falling Number model 5000 is an automatic system to measure the enzyme activity in flour and wheat. The FN model measures the natural Alpha Amylase enzyme and the FFN model measures the total (microbiological + natural) Alpha Amylase enzymes. Changing of one mode to another would take a flick of a button. This system also has bult-in Altitude.correction.

For further details please visit :http://www.bastak.com.tr/eng/products/falling-number

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