The Alveolab is a system which measure the Baking Strength of the dough. It consists of three parts – the Alveogram, the Consistograph and the Alveolink.

Alveograph is the traditional system which gives the Alveogram. The Consistograph part measures apart from other things, the Water absorbtion capability of the Dough. Then the Alveolink automatically calculates the P, the L and the W characteristics of the dough. The Alveolink can give the results of just the Alveogram or the Adapted Hydration Alveogram. The Adapted Hydration Alveogram is derived by taking the Water absorbtion capacity of the dough and applying it on the Alveogram.

The values P and L are interlreated in that they are inversely proportional. The longer the P the shorter would be the L and vice versa. While the W (area under the curve) is the calculation the most important thing to be understood is that we have to have the results of all the 3 (P, L & W) to understand the dough behaviour.

With the results of P, L & W the Millers and the Bakers are able to decide about the optimum combination of flours.

The Alveograph has various accreditions such as AACC no: 54-30A, AFNOR no: V03-710, ICC no: 121, ISO no: 5530/4 and the Consistograph has accreditions including AACC no: 54-50 & ICC no: 171.


Cooling is assured by an integrated system (Peltier effect). Therefore, there is no need to connect the equipment to a cooling water system.

Dough hydration

At the beginning of the test, water is added automatically and very precisely.The temperature of the water tank is regulated.

Inflation of the dough pieces

The positioning and the in ation of the dough pieces are automated, and carried out in a temperature and humidity controlled compartment. The inverted bubble is more spherical and closer to the ideal conditions of the test.


New parameters, stress/strain and first derivative, are now calculated automatically. "Degradation", "relaxation" and "hybrid" protocols (a combination of different protocols, for example: alveo + relaxation) are pre-loaded in the software. Custom protocols can be created, for example, by varying the intensity and duration of the mixing. Consequently, the Alveograph test has even more predictive analysis of our performances.

Improver guide

Helps you to quickly choose the most suitable additive to obtain target Alveograph values.

Virtual store

Virtually attribute a product to a silo or a cell and enter its price.


Select up to 5 products and automatically find the most affordable blend that corresponds to your target Alveograph values.

Analysis traceability

Monitor over time the quality of a specific product in relation to a given supplier or customer.



For further details please visit : http://www.chopin.fr/en/produits/102-alveolab.html

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