Guest Paging System

Guest calling system consists of a Transmitter, Programmer and enough Coasters. The individual Coasters are programmed for a number and will be handed over to the Customer. When the specific number needs to be called, it can be done through the wireless transmitter.

Waiter Paging System

This is used in fine-dining restaurants. This consists of a Calling device, which would be placed one each on all the tables. The Waiters would be equipped with a watch-live device and this would be mapped to a specific table or tables.

When the patron calls from a specific table the particular waiter gets notified through his watch-like device and he would know which table to attend.

We also provide software to download the details of these. Further integration into the ERP is also possible as a project.

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QTM-710/700 are Thermal Conductivity meters from from KEM, Japan.

This system can be used to analyse Thermal Conductivity of Solids, Powders, Pastes or Thin Films

This system works out of Hot Wire Method (Transient Hot Wire Method). While the 710 model can also analyse Thin Film the model 700 cannot. Both models would have a 5.7 inch colour LCD display and would have a two-channel RS-232C interface and a USB 2 channel output also.

There are many probes to choose from like Box type proble PD-11N, Insulated Moisture-proof probe PD-13N, High Temperature probe PD-31N etc. The probe PD-31N can work from -100 to 1000 Deg C. The Thin film in 710 would be analysed in either a Box type probe or an Insulated Moisture-Proof probe.

Various calibration tools are available like Clear quartz, Silicone Rubber, Polyethylene Foam etc.

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GAS-VOLUME ANALYSER MODEL GVA-700: Model GVA-700 is a Gas Volume And Air Content Analyser from Kyoto Electronic Manufacturing Company, Japan. This system measures Gas volume/internal gas pressure of carbonated drinks, Air content and Oxygen concentration and Inside gas pressure of non-carbonated drinks.

GVA-700 can take sample containers of PET bottles of 2.0L or smaller. This is a totally automatic system and it calculates the gas volume / internal gas pressure by using the balance pressure inside the sample container and sample temperature. The user can select the calculation formula for the soft drink standard according to chart 13-2 Table of absorption coefficients of carbon dioxide in revised Soft drinks overseen by Japan Soft Drink Association or according to ASBC Methods of Analysis - Beer - 13: Dissolved Carbon Dioxide. The Air content is calculated by using the residual gas volume and oxygen concentration after absorbing carbon dioxide in the alkaline aqueous solution.

The display is LCD backlit. There can be 20 sets of methods which can be stored and the last 100 data would be saved in the system. The data can be saved in a USB memory and can be retrieved in a CSV format.

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SRC: This system from Chopin Technologies, France is a system which automates the various functions involved in finding out the Solvent Retention Capacity.

The flour's overall water absorbtion (water-holding) capacity is determined and influenced by its three network-forming polymers and they are Glutenin, Damaged Starch or Pentosans. These are the 3 functional polymers which influence the dough behaviour during processing and baking and ultimately the final product quality.

The Glutenins which are viscoelastic influence the dough elasticity and extensibility, the Damaged Starch influences the dough stickiness and the the Pentosans significantly increases the dough viscosity.

The existing rheological tools measure the combined, synergetic effects of the three flour polymers together. The fundamental idea of the SRC is that it complements the existing rheological tools such as Alveography by analysing separately the three polymers and which of these three contribute to the flour's overall water absorption capacity. For example in Cookie making the flour's water absorption should be as low as possible and to be more specific, with minimized contributions from Pentosans and Damaged Starch. This example clearly illustrates the need for a device such as SRC.

The SRC method has an international accredition n AACC under their Approved Method no: 56-11

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Testo 206-pH2 - pH meter

The Testo 206-pH2 pH meter measures the pH value and temperature of semi-solid media safely and reliably. Used in laboratories, food and other industries.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for measuring the pH value of semi-solid media, viscous and protein-containing foodstuffs (eg. processed cheese, fruit) and water-mixed solid cooling lubricants

  • Temperature measurements with integrated temperature sensor possible

  • Maintenance-free gel electrolyte

  • The set contains essential accessories, which you will always have to hand: calibration dosing bottles, TopSafe protective case, aluminium case, etc

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