Force and torque measuring solutions manufactured by Mark-10 Corporation are one among the finest. The company began as an engineering consultancy firm in 1979 and were leaders for more than a decade. This was when the founders noticed the widespread need for handy force gauges and torque gauges.

In 1991, the chief engineers of Mark-10 Corporation translated all their experience into a handy force gauge, the first they manufactured. Since then, Mark-10 Corporation’s focus has been to invent advanced technology in force and torque measurement that will in turn improve the usability of digital force gauges and torque gauges.

This concerted effort resulted in a slew of beautifully-crafted force and torque gauges. These ergonomically designed gauges have advanced indicators with remote sensors incorporated. Gradually, Mark-10 started offering end-to-end solutions for force and torque measurement in the form of test stands, also called universal testing machines (UTM), and software that comes along with the gauges. All Mark-10 products are conceived, engineered, prototyped, and manufacturedin its New York facility by the collective effort of its experts in CAD technology and CNC machining.

The following are Mark-10’s lineup of product categories, with each product having multiple variants to suit different applications:

(i) Force Gauges

(ii) Torque Gauges

(iii) Test Stands

(iv) Data Collection and Analysis Software

Warranty and NIST-traceability

Most of Mark-10’s products, including force gauges, torque gauges, test stands, bottle cap torque testers, and COF testers come with a 3-year warranty. You also get a NIST-traceable certificate along with all of them, which is a stamp of the calibration standard used on the products, and is valid for 3 whole years.


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