AUTOPOL VI Polarimeter

This is the top-of-the line model from Rudolph.  The Resolution, Reproducibility and the Accuracy of the 589nm is in the fourth decimal.   The Resolution is 0.0001 Deg Arc, the Reproducibility is 0.0002 Deg Arc and the Accuracy is 0.0003 Deg Arc.

The AUTOPOL VI Automatic Polarimeter was developed for the most demanding analytical laboratories. If you are a high performance lab, the Autopol VI has the features you must have.

Standard Features and Accessories


  • 0.0003 accuracy for low rotation samples of ±1° Arc
  • TempTrol™ — Electronic cooling & heating from 15°–30°C
  • Six Standard Wavelengths: 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm, 633nm
  • 21CFR11 Compliance: Electronic Signature and secure local electronic data storage
  • 3-year domestic warranty and 20-year support guarantee
  • Standard Accessories: TempTrol™ NIST Traceable Quartz Standard, TempTrol™ 100mm Polarimeter Cell, TempTrol™ Temperature Validation Cell, Built-In Sample Measurement Probe, and 3 USB Ports.

Versatile Communication Capability

The AUTOPOL VI's standard communication package includes:

  •  Ethernet port for Network Cable Connection
  • 3 USB ports
  • 2 RS 232 ports

Allowing the capability to:

  • Connect directly to Rudolph's service department for remote testing and diagnostics via Internet connection.
  • Connect to any Windows® based printer via USB or direct to the server via Windows® Print Library
  • Save measurement data direct to your Network/Server

TempTrol™ Electronic Temperature Control System

The USP <781> require optical rotation measurements at 25°C ± .5°C (unless another temperature is specified). The European Pharmacopoeia requires optical rotation measurements made at 25°C ± 5°C (unless another temperature is specified).

Whatever your temperature control needs are, the AUTOPOL VI's exclusive TempTrol™ System (Patent No. 2778542) makes your measurement in seconds without a waterbath or any type of water circulation.

The TempTrol™ System allows push-button temperature control of your 100mm cell, 200mm cell, or Quartz Plate. Set the temperature, push “measure” and walk away. The AUTOPOL VI will heat or cool to a predefined temperature and then provide you with the result all in one easy step.

Patented TempTrol™ Technology Eliminates the Need for a Water Bath. Here is How the TempTrol System Works:


TempTrol heating and cooling transfer surface


TempTrol cell with mating heating & cooling transfer surface manufactured with acid resistance materials: Hastelloy™ and Peek™.


Temperature is selected via touch screen. Temperature selection of 20°C shown left.


Place the TempTrol cell in your TempTrol equipped Autopol® sample chamber to measure within ±0.2°C of the USP, EP, JP, or BP specified temperature (normally 20°C or 25°C ±0.5°C)


Rudolph provides a temperature validation cell with every TempTrol system. The temperature validation cell along with optional NIST traceable thermometer is designed to validate the temperature control performance of the polarimeter and cell to ±0.2°C.

CGMP/GLP Printing

Measurement reports can be saved as an Excel or PDF file and edited quickly and easily. You can import logos and print your company's customized “C of A” directly.


Validation and Calibration

Rudolph Research Analytical knows that you mus be able to validate your instrument's operating performance regularly. Therefore, the AUTOPOL VI comes standard with the accessories, validation tool and automatic calibration functions necessary to ensure that the temperation control, temperature measurement and optical measurement processes are working accurately and reproducibly. All functions are assessed simply and conveniently through the AUTOPOL VI liquid sealed touch screen.


Unmatched Accuracy

For Racemic Solutions and very low concentration samples, the AUTOPOL VI provides unmatched 4th decimal optical rotation accuracy of ±0.0003°Arc over ±1°Arc. Instrument performance for readings between -1 and 1° Arc is: Resolution ±0.0001, Reproducibility ± 0.0002, and Accuracy ±0.0003.


Intuitive Windows® Based Interface

  • 2 gigabytes of internal memory allow almost unlimited capacity for saving measurement data. The AUTOPOL VI is network ready and data may also be saved directly to your server or to any directory desired.
  • Internet access is possible directly from the AUTOPOL VI's touch screen. This feature allows real time contact with Rudolph Research Analytical's Service and Technical Support Team who can access your instrument remotely to assist in Window navigation, method setup and troubleshooting.
  • Windows based navigation architecture is so intuitive that most operators will never read the manual. But should you wish to reference the manual, it is stored right on the AUTOPOL VI's internal memory.
  • Three USB ports allow quick and easy connection to a mouse, keyboard, printer, bar code scanner, or memory stick. One USB port is located on the front of the unit and two USB ports are located on the back of the unit.

Flexible Method Management

Install your own measurement methods for immediate selection of the correct method to match your most common tests. Setting up your own custom methods is as simple as filling out a few screens like the one shown to the right.




Full 21CFR Part 11 Instrument Level Compliance

The AUTOPOL VI's 21CFR Part 11 software module is easily enabled through the user friendly touch screen. This module gives you full compliance with:

  • Electronic signature
  • Access levels
  • Internal write protected storage
  • Unique passwords
  • Write protected documents sent directly to server
  • Audit trail

Acid Resistance

The AUTOPOL VI comes standard with Rudolph's Hastelloy™ upgrade option. This option includes a Hastelloy cell and Silco Steel™ cell chamber for increased resistance to acids like 6 Molar HCl.

Rudolph Research Analytical — still protecting your investment after 30 years

Today our Service Technicians have access to state of the art diagnostic tools and have a depth of knowledge that often lets them solve problems right over the phone. Our customers really appreciate the same day phone call by a real technical service person who wants to solve their problem. Our customers know that they can expect this support for many years to come as Rudolph is still repairing instruments which were built in the 70's.


AUTOPOL VI Specifications

Measuring Mode Optical Rotation
Specific Rotation
User Defined Scale
Measuring Scale Degrees Arc, % Concentration
Measuring Range ± 89° Arc Optical Rotation
± 999.99° Arc Specific Rotation
0-99.9% Concentration
Performance Between -1°Arc and +1°Arc
Resolution 0.0001° Arc Optical Rotation
0.0001% Concentration
0.0001° Specific Rotation
Reproducibility 0.0002° Arc Optical Rotation
Accuracy 0.0003° Arc Optical Rotation
Optical Wavelengths 589nm
Performance Outside of ±1°Arc
Resolution 0.001° Arc Optical Rotation
0.001% Concentration
0.001° Specific Rotation
Reproducibility 0.002° Arc
Accuracy 0.002° up to 1°
0.2% up to 5°
0.01° above 5°
Optical Wavelengths 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm, 633nm
Prism Glan Thomson calcite quartz
Optical Wavelengths 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm, 633nm (other wavelengths available)
Wavelength Selection Automatic by push-button
TempTrol™ Range Automatic Electronic Heating & Cooling 15°-35°C
TempTrol™ Accuracy ± 0.2°C
Temp. Probe Range 10°-40°C
Temp. Probe Accuracy ±0.1°C
Acid Resistance Hastelloy™ measurement cell and Silco Steel™ sample chamber
Measurement Time 4°/sec slewing rate & 5 sec nominal settling time
Light Source Tungsten-halogen 6V, 20W, avg. 2,000 hour life
Sample Chamber Accepts sample tubes up to 200mm
Display 10.4” diagonal, 800x600 pixels, color Flat Panel Monitor
with Resistant Touch Screen Interface, 200 nits brightness, gasketed for spill protection
Communication Interface Touch Screen User Interface
3 — USB Ports
2 — RS232 Ports
Ethernet Port for Network Connection
Keyboard, Bar Code Scanner, Mouse, Network Capabilities
Internal Memory 2 GB Non-removable Compact Flash
Calibration Automatic calibration by push-button
Shipping Dimensions 36 in. (L) x 19 in.(W) x 18 in. (H)
91.44 cm (L) x 48.26 cm (W) x 45.72 cm (H)
Shipping Weight 105 lbs. (31.75 kg)
Power Supply 85 to 260 VAC; 48 to 62 Hz
Power Consumption 150 — 200 Watts
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