AUTOPOL V Polarimeter

Basic system of Autopol V is a six wavelength system.  The differences between Autopol IV and V are (angel)  Autopol V does not come as a non-TempTrol option and (beer)  the Autopol V has an instrument-level 21 CFR Part 11 software built-in.

The AUTOPOL V Automatic Polarimeter is designed for today's FDA regulated analytical laboratories. Whether you are a Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical or University Lab, the AUTOPOL V has the standard features you must have, including:

  • TempTrol™ - Electronic cooling and heating from 15°-30°C
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliance: Electronic signature and secure local data storage
  • Six Standard Wavelengths: 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm, 633nm
  • Standard Accessories: TempTrol™ NIST Traceable Quartz Standard, TempTrol™ 100mm Polarimeter Cell, TempTrol™ Temperature Validation Cell and Built-In Sample Measurement Probe.
  • 3-year domestic warranty and 20-year support guarantee


TempTrol™ Electronic Temperature Control System

The TempTrol™ System allows push-button temperature control of your TempTrol™ 100mm cell, 200mm cell or Quartz Control Plate. Set the temperature, push "measure" and walk away. The AUTOPOL V will heat or cool to a predefined temperature and then provide you with the result, all in one easy step.
The TempTrol™ System will accurately control your sample temperature to within ±0.2°C.

21CFR11 Compliance

21CFR11 compliance is assured with a password protected software feature that requires the operators to input their electronic signature codes in order to make and record measurements. Measurements are stored in secure local data storage. The 21CFR11 features include:

  • Secure database of results and methods
  • Password/User ID controlled user login system
  • Password/User ID controlled data authentication and review
  • User inactivity automatic log off
  • Digital Signature
  • System changes checked with User ID and password

Six Wavelengths and Only One Light Source

The AUTOPOL V Polarimeter comes standard with six wavelengths: 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm, 633nm. Wavelength selection is completely automatic and is accomplished by the push of a button. There are no lamps or filters to manually remove or insert.

The tungsten-halogen lamp employed in the AUTOPOL V Polarimeter is a compact, reliable, low-cost, high intensity light source that allows any desired wavelength in the visible spectrum to be selected by means of a narrow band multilayer interference filter. The AUTOPOL standard 10nm bandwidth is specified to permit high energy throughput and sensitivity for sample transmittances of only 0.01 % (O. D. = 4), while minimizing the effects of sample ORD and color.

Standard Accessories, Validation and Calibration


The AUTOPOL V Polarimeter comes standard with the accessories, validation tools and automatic calibration functions necessary to ensure that the temperature control, temperature measurement and optical measurement processes are working correctly and reproducibly. All functions are accessed simply and conveniently through the AUTOPOL V liquid sealed touchscreen.


Accessories include:

  • TempTrol™ NIST Traceable Quartz Standard
  • TempTrol™ 100mm Polarimeter Cell
  • TempTrol™ Temperature Validation Cell
  • Built-In Sample Measurement Probe
  • 32MB Multimedia Card
  • PC Multimedia Card Reader



The AUTOPOL V also accepts all Rudolph Standard Cells and Quartz Plates

RS 232 and Printer Communication

The AUTOPOL V Polarimeter offers two RS 232 serial ports, one Centronics parallel printer port and one auxiliary port. The RS 232 port allows data to be sent to a computer when the print key is pressed, when the computer requests the data or at predefined time intervals. Measurements can be remotely controlled from a host computer and the printout format and parameters can be selected via menu entry.

Print Format

The AUTOPOL V Polarimeter allows the user to have full control of what information is contained in the printout. Numerous parameters, such as: user identifier, sample and lot identifiers, sample name, tube length, concentration, wavelength, measurement mode, time and date, temperature and statistics can be printed after each measurement or after a group of measurements. This is accomplished by designating the required parameters, via menu entry, during the print format setup mode.
Click on the sample printout to see a larger version.



AUTOPOL V Polarimeter calculates the mean, the standard deviation and records the minimum and maximum readings for up to 999 measurements. Measured data for statistical calculation can be printed in either of two ways: automatically, at predetermined time intervals, or manually, by pressing the print key. Statistics for a batch of samples can be printed by pressing the page feed key. Statistics on time varying optically active samples can be compiled by measuring a sample at a predetermined rate and for a predetermined number of measurements.

Sample Specific Programs


In factory or laboratory environments where the same type of samples are repeatedly measured, sample specific programs can be generated. These programs allow parameters such as tube length, concentration, specific rotation, wavelength, measurement mode, and temperature control and correction to be specified. The programs can be labeled with alpha-numeric names. The factory or laboratory operator simply selects the sample program from the sample program menu and the AUTOPOL V Polarimeter is properly configured to make measurements of the user's samples.

Sample range limits can also be specified in sample specific programs, (e.g. 24.8° Arc - 25.7° Arc). When a range is specified and the measurement falls outside this specification the display will read "out of range". Two TTL level signals are available for out of range conditions. These signals are useful for process control or alarms.

Touchscreen Control

A large 7.5cm x 10cm cold cathode fluorescent back lit graphics LCD allows the measuring mode, measuring scale, sample temperature, set temperature, time, date and temperature correction status to be easily viewed. All functions are activated through a touchscreen panel which will not wear out or get misplaced like traditional or detachable keypads. The touchscreen is resistant to sharp fingernails, sharp objects, chemicals, and acids.


AUTOPOL V Specification

Measuring Mode Optical Rotation
Specific Rotation
User Defined Scale
Measuring Scale Degrees Arc, % Concentration
Measuring Range ± 89° Arc Optical Rotation
± 999.99° Arc Specific Rotation
0-99.9% Concentration
Resolution 0.001° Arc Optical Rotation
0.001% Concentration
0.001° Specific Rotation
Reproducibility 0.002° Arc Optical rotation
Standard Model Specs Accuracy: 0.002° up to 1°, 0.2% up to 5°, 0.01° above 5°
AP Model Specs Accuracy (546nm and 589nm): ±0.002° Arc
Accuracy for other wavelengths is the same as the standard model
Prism Glan Thomson calcite quartz
Optical Wavelengths 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm, 633nm
(other wavelengths available)
Wavelength Selection Automatic by push-button
TempTrol™ Range Automatic Electronic Heating & Cooling 15°-35°C
TempTrol™ Probe Accuracy

± 0.2°C

Measurement Time 1°/sec slewing rate & 5 sec nominal settling time
Light Source Tungsten-halogen 6V, 20W, avg. 2,000 hr life
Sample Chamber Accepts sample tubes up to 200mm
Data Storage Multimedia Card
Communication Interface Two RS 232 serial ports, one parallel printer port and one auxiliary port
Analog Output 0.1% resolution 0-10 volt full range (optional)
Calibration Automatic calibration by push-button
Display Graphics LCD, 320 x 240 dots cold fluorescent back lit
User Interface Touchscreen
Automatic Sensitivity Control Permits measurement for sample transmittance as low as 0.01 % or up to O.D. 4.0
Input Power 100 V, 50/60 Hz
115 V, 50/60 Hz
220 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating Dimensions 32"W x 10.5"H x 17"D
890mm W x 267mm H x 432mm D
Shipping Dimensions 43"W x 28"H x 23"D
1025mm W x 625mm H x 625mm D
Operating Weight 80 lbs (36 kg)
Shipping Weight 115 lbs (51 kg)
Calendar/Clock Battery-backed clock. Time and date sent to computer and printer.
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